Stainless Steel Balustrades

Why Choose Bolt-Joined Balustrade Systems

EZRails systemsWhen installing balustrades or handrails in your home, it is your responsibility, and not only that of the contractor or installation services, to ensure that the balustrades meet safety standards and regulations.

With our EZ Rails systems, you can install your balustrades on your own! However, here are a few things to look out for during the installation process.

Modern Balustrading Trends In Home Design

vertical cable balustradesWhether your home is big or small you may have realised how easy it is to make the place look better by making small changes. Changing small aspects, such as the window frames or staircase balustrades, or even adding a flower bed to the garden can make a huge difference.

However, we believe that balustrades make the biggest difference. Balustrades are a safety device that you need to install in your home – but you have the choice to select ones that compliment your architectural and décor style.

As with everything in home décor and architecture, styles changes. Here are a few of the current trends when it comes to home balustrading:

How To Match Your Balustrades To Your Building

deck and steel balustradeWhen choosing balustrades for your home you can’t exactly just grab the first ones off the shelf and put them up around the building. There are many things to consider to ensure that the balustrades suit your home, both practically and aesthetically.  

It is important to choose balustrades that not only provide practical functionality, but that add architectural value to your home as well. Factors that you will need to take into consideration include: