Certification of Compliance

EZ Rails DIY


EZ-Rails systems you don’t have to be a professional to do a professional installation. You don’t need an engineer’s certificate to comply. At EZ-Rails customer convenience is our priority, we have done it all for you at no extra cost!

The EZ-Rail systems have been tested by the SABS and internationally to comply with the standard set for the correct application.

EZ-Rails is green, we have United States environmental certification issued in 2010.

EZ-Rails ensures that our product has met the most rigorous and comprehensive standards.  

Quality Assurance Certification: KS A 9001:2001/ISO 9001:2000. We are certified with the SABS for building and construction, acquired Q mark and CE European certification.  

EZ-Rails systems are pre manufactured using ISO 9001:2000 automated robotic production processes to ensure the highest quality & safety to ensure peace of mind & quality assurance.

EZ-Rails has been playing important role as the leader in building material industry for the past 28 years.

Our World Architectural Sales Network Covers Southern Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Russia, Australia, Spain,  UK, Germany, Korea, France, USA, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, Kazakhstan, China, UAE, Japan  and India and growing.

EZ-Rails has been at the leading edge rather than being a follower by making an impressive investment in research and development continuously. We are truly proud of setting high standards and offering high quality products and services to our customers unmatched by our rivals making all the difference.

EZ-Rails offers you the most affordable, highest quality, Strongest, Safest, and Easiest no fuss Balustrade System on the Market with over 1 million meters supplied.  

All our systems are designed with practical solutions in mind which in turn saves the customer time and money.

Consider EZ-Rails for one reason only, its proven and it works, you will save time & money!

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!