Mild Steel Balustrades

Mild steel, which is also known as carbon steel, is used in a vast range of applications. It has stiff, strong properties and is easier to weld as opposed to stainless steel.

EZ Rails Offers A Complete Mild Steel Balustrade Kit System 

Made 2 Measure  
Our systems are sold complete and ready for assembly. You can assemble the systems yourself within minutes. Our kits are guaranteed to save you time, money and effort.
We strive to provide simple and affordable balustrading solutions to fit your busy schedule and budget. Our kit systems can also be customised to fit any gradient of stairs and configuration. Our mild steel balustrade kit systems require:
  • No welding
  • No grinding
  • No Joining
Skill level 3/10 
Labour 4/10 

Powder Coating Options Available For Mild Steel

Powder Coating Options

Standard Options for Mild Steel

Mild Steel Options

Application Technology Benefits

  • Surfaces are prepared for extreme conditions.
  • There is a wide range of surface textures available, including rough, medium rough and smooth.
  • Various protection options are avalable, for example zinc-coated for pure corrossion protection.

Powder Coating Sample

Powder Coating Sample

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