Why You Should Consider Installing Your Own Stairs Balustrades

For some people, it’s uncomfortable to have strangers in their houses for upgrades, maintenance and necessary safety installations.  If you are one of them, why not consider minor Do-It-Yourself projects? DIY projects don’t have to be time-consuming, if you only have to assemble professionally developed components!

South Africa’s leading balustrade company EZ Rails boasts with an innovative solution for individuals to install or upgrade balustrades themselves, with absolute minimal effort.


Why you Should Choose Stainless Steel Innovations for Building an Apartment Complex

The applications for stainless steel seem endless, and the list of benefits even longer. This makes it the cream of the crop for large scale building projects. Apartment buildings and complexes need multiple, functional installations to make them comfortable and safe living environments.


DIY Gate Systems and how They can Improve your Space

Steel balustrades may be overlooked in everyday situations, but still you see them all around you: in restaurants, malls and even your own home- they are one of those elements you will definitely miss when it is gone. Without the innovative balustrading technology that keeps us safe, life would be filled with many more obstacles than necessary. No one goes to the mall and fears falling down three storeys- thanks to steel balustrades!